Acorn to Oak’s Alphabet Forest is an Early Learning Curriculum
that brings education to the child’s whole being. Each letter is experienced through music, poetry, art, yoga, nature crafts, guided nature walks, finger plays and recipes. Alphabet Forest also includes a phonics and letter building program which will teach reading and writing in a way that is intuitive and child led. 

Along the way, learn about animals, herbs, trees, bugs and other wonders of the natural world through nature studies, guided walks and nature crafts. 

450+ pages of content. 

Nature Studies

Acorn to Oak’s Kinder Forest is the sequel to Alphabet Forest. Each nature lesson is experienced through poetry, art, whole body movements, nature crafts, fine motor activities, finger plays, math lessons, social studies lessons, science experiments and recipes.

Tree Unit Study

Acorn to Oak’s Tree Study will teach you to identify   10 common trees in North America alongside beautiful hand painted illustrations. In the descriptions you will learn a variety of facts about the trees such as their cultural significance, their medicinal properties and how they are used in traditional crafts such as natural dyeing and basket weaving.

Pax’s Early Learning Play Packs 

Learn to read with Pax! Acorn to Oak’s Early Reading Program includes five “I Can Read” Books, one for each vowel. Each book comes with a companion book, which displays the words contained in the book. 

There is so much to do with Pax! With this play based bundle, your child will learn the color wheel, basic addition, letters, numbers, handwriting, CVC words, differentiating between vowels and consonants, and uppercase and lowercase letters. 

Learning Letters

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