Pax’s Produce Early Learning Play Pack


Acorn to Oak Early Reader Books will teach your child how to read with the help of their new friend Pax.

This bundle includes:

-10 I Can Read Booklets:
Each vowel comes with a set of booklets. The first book is illustrated, with clear images representing the sentence below. The second book is a book of words that are found in the first. This phonics booklet explores the short vowel sound. The first 7 pages will explore different sounds the vowel can make. The last page will indicate which words use a short vowel sound. Each booklet is 8 pages long.

-Color Wheel Lesson
-Match Letter Alphabet Activity
-CVC Building Activity
-Letter Flash Cards
-Count & Clip Number Cards
-Vowel and Consonant Activity
-Uppercase and Lowercase Activity
-Introduction to Addition
-Pax’s Produce Letter Poster
-Taste Test Activity
-Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt
-Tracing Letter Cards
-Pax Paper Dolls and Accessories
-2 Play Dough Plat Maths

You will receive an instant PDF download. This file is for personal use only, redistribution is not permitted.



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